a big kahuna

big kahuna

The most important or powerful person in a group, organization, business, or movement (e.g., the boss, leader, etc.). Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I think it sounds like a great idea, but you'll have to ask the big kahuna first.
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a big kahuna


a grand kahuna

A big kahuna is a very important person in an organization. Suncorp Metway big kahuna Steve Jones may be thinking twice about his plans to start a business in North Queensland. Note: The word `kahuna' is from Hawaiian and means `wise man'.
See also: big, kahuna
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Craig is now planning a Big Kahuna Street Food Market to take place from 9am to 6pm on Saturday, July 26, at Nelson Mandela Corner behind the library in Huddersfield town centre with a range of huts sellinga wide variety of hot food.
Take Calpers -- the California Public Employees' Retirement System -- a big kahuna with $172 billion in assets and holdings in more than 1,700 public companies.
He tried a Big Kahuna last week but had to quit three-quarters of the way through.
Here the Austin, Texas, throwback broadens his palette with Hoagy Carmichael's ``Hong Kong Blues'' and catches a big kahuna with an instrumental medley of ``Pipeline,'' ``Walk Don't Run'' and ``Secret Agent Man.
At check-in, Big Kahuna guests receive a Big Kahuna FunPak, with a Big Kahuna canvas beachbag; a Hawaiian music CD; a certificate for two Big Kahuna T-shirts from Hilo Hattie's; a Big Kahuna Value Passport, with hundreds of dollars of savings on dining, shopping and activities; a travel guide; maps; and a Big Kahuna merchandise catalog.