a bad hair day

bad hair day

1. A day when one's hair is unruly and looks unkempt. I'm wearing a hat because I'm having a bad hair day, OK? Talk about a bad hair day—what am I going to do with this unruly mop?
2. A bad day. I'd avoid the boss if I were you—he must be having a bad hair day because he's screaming at everyone he sees. It's been a real bad hair day—everything has gone wrong.
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a bad hair day

If someone is having a bad hair day, their hair does not look good, and they may feel annoyed because of this. All this fuss is because Carol is having a bad hair day. Note: This expression is usually used humorously.
See also: bad, hair
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a bad ˈhair day

(spoken, humorous) a day when everything seems to go wrong: Today is definitely a bad hair day — you know, one of those days when nothing gets done no matter how hard you try.What’s wrong — are you having a bad hair day?
This expression refers to the fact that if you think your hair looks bad, you feel that you look unattractive and nothing in the day will go right for you.
See also: bad, hair
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* Braid your way to a bad hair day: If you don't know how to do a basic 3 strand Braids, best you learn how.
Find your way through a bad hair day with these multiple tips that can get you through the day!
Make sure you're using the right products It sounds simple, but products can make or break a bad hair day and these days they're advanced enough to cope with the specific needs of your hair.
From untamed frizz to lank locks needing a wash, there are plenty of ways we can have a bad hair day.
So while a lack of Frizzled6 may offer an excuse for a bad hair day, there's still no cure.
New research from Charles Worthington reveals that the effect of having a bad hair day can impact on more than just our emotions -affecting self-confidence, dating behaviour and even work attendance.
Ever had a bad hair day or a pimple and felt that you couldn't focus on anything else?
It's acceptable for girls to carry mousse and say things like, "I'm having a bad hair day!" Guys are expected to be quiet about their 'dos.
You wake up, stumble to the mirror and scream: "Oh no, it's a bad hair day!"
The survey also revealed that 67 pecent of women would mess up a job interview if they were experiencing a bad hair day.
Another trick to avoid a bad hair day is to see to it that you condition your hair well.
That was indeed a bad hair day, and I've had many since.
"Having a bad hair day and, therefore, believing you're not looking your best, undermines confidence and the ability to relate warmly to others," said psychologist Dr.
Almost three-quarters said it made them feel negative or selfconscious about their appearance, and over two-thirds lived in dread of a bad hair day coinciding with an important romantic date, a work meeting or social event.
A researcher uses the scientific method to find out whether a Bad Hair Day affects your mood.