a baby boomer

baby boomer

An American person born during the "baby boom" following World War II, between the years of 1945 and 1965, during which the population of the United States increased by 40 percent. Typically used to describe members of this generation, who have been associated with economic prosperity, consumerism, self-indulgence. Primarily heard in US. Since baby boomers represent such a large percentage of the population, financial experts are concerned about the impact their retirement will have on the economy.
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a ˈbaby boomer

(American English also a ˈboomer) a person born during a period when many more babies are born than usual (called a baby boom), especially after the Second World War: The new President was a baby boomer, born in the 1950s.
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(baby) boomer

n. someone born during the baby boom—from the last years of World War II until the early 1960s. When the baby boomers get around to saving up for retirement, you’re going to see a lot of investment scams.
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baby boomer

One of approximately 77 million persons born during the two decades following the end of World War II (1945). In 1951, a New York Post columnist Sylvia Porter is thought to have been the first to call the large postwar increase in births a “boom.” The return of veterans and the expansion of the economy with higher incomes are some of the factors accounting for the increase. Healthier and wealthier than previous generations, the baby boomers to some extent rejected traditional values and embraced social and cultural change. Their identity as a group was indicated by Time magazine’s choice of the Baby Boom Generation as its 1966 “Man of the Year.” Aging baby boomers, so characterized after they reached the age of 40, are still named by the cliché. A June 13, 2010, article by Patricia Cohen in the New York Times said, “Baby boomers have long been considered the generation that did not want to grow up, perpetual adolescents even as they become eligible for Social Security.”
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Drawing upon his years of experience and expertise, D'Aversa presents: Astonishing Facts and Figures that You Need to Know About Being a Baby Boomer; How your Life Purpose Can Help You Be Financially Prosperous and Personally Fulfilled; Unleash the Power of "Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan", it's as Easy as 1, 2, 3; A Strategic Marketing Tool to Have "People Come to You" as Well as Other Proven Methods and Techniques to Get Your Name in the Marketplace at Little or No Cost; Time Tested "Magic Steps" to Close Sales Deals Just by Asking Questions!; How to Put Together Your Products and Services to Achieve Maximum Financial Profits; Being of Service to Your Customers is the "Secret Sauce" to your Success; and so much more!
"I wouldn't describe myself as old, I know I'm older and obviously not young," the Daily Mail quoted Marcelle D'Argy Smith, a baby boomer at 64, as saying.
* The average cost for a baby boomer patient was $11,900.
As a baby boomer, keep in mind that periodic or haphazard deposits may be counterproductive.
Collingsworth is a baby boomer and identifies with his generation's struggle.
As a baby boomer himself, he too acknowledged tough times.
Without such differentiation, one is left to assume that the financial needs, concerns and goals of a baby boomer with $5 million of net worth are the same as one with $50,000 in net worth, or to assume that a 60-year-old born at the very front of the boom will have the same financial attitudes and behaviors as a 42-year-old born at the very back of the boom.
Kan, born in 1946, also regards himself as a baby boomer. He was defeated in an election to choose the DPJ's representative in September at the hand of Seiji Maehara but has never been in low spirits and is energetically trying to realize the creation of the new party, his aides said.
This will become a baby boomer's roadmap to the future and hopefully will create a sense of financial well-being.
IT HAS TAKEN 40 years for me to come to the conclusion that if you are born a baby boomer you are pretty much destined to die one too.
(6) This is sobering for a Baby boomer physician who may feel an ATM card is high tech!
A crucial path on the wag to a Baby Boomer's heart, after all is through the Stomach.
This idea of replacing the post but not the role is not confined to generation: for exa mple, Bill Fletcher, a baby boomer himself, is a well-known labor leader who is now head of TransAfrica.
A baby boomer is any American born between 1946 and 1964.