a babe in arms

babe in arms

1. An infant. (Based on the fact that an infant is typically carried in an adult's arms). Let me see that precious babe in arms!
2. A person who is gullible, naïve, or lacks experience in a specific situation. Although Jane had always excelled in school, she felt like a babe in arms when she began attending college.
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a babe in arms

mainly BRITISH
If you describe someone as a babe in arms, you mean that they are very young. The family have always cycled, and Chris has been going to races since he was a babe in arms. I first appeared on stage as a babe in arms, and my mother just assumed I would become an actor. Note: `Babe' is an old-fashioned word for a baby or small child.
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a ˌbabe in ˈarms

1 a very young baby not able to walk or crawl
2 a helpless, an inexperienced or an innocent person: He’s a babe in arms in financial matters.
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