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ISLAMABAD -- A leading Chinese newspaper, China Daily says India has opened a Pandora's box by revoking the special status of occupied Kashmir and splitting it into two union territories of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.
"We call on all sides to remain rational and exercise restraint, and not take any escalatory actions that irritate regional tensions, and not open a Pandora's box," Wang said.
"It has opened up a Pandora's box of grave uncertainties.
Record labels open a Pandora's Box of copyright suits
A PROFESSIONAL shoplifting gang opened a Pandora's box of trouble when they snatched expensive jewels from a Middlesbrough store.
A FORMER Merseyside MP warned introducing a new parliamentary bill to regulate newspapers would "open a Pandora's box" which could stifle freedom of speech.
Pandora is aptly named because of this function, in that it provides a Pandora's Box of content.
For now, Unger says, asking a doctor for a CT scan as a test for lung cancer is like "opening a Pandora's box."
Feinberg, a longtime transgender activist, opens a Pandora's box of issues in Drag King Dreams--racism, Zionism, homophobia, transphobia, police violence, capitalist oppression, even the survival of Yiddish as a poetic language.
11 was like a Pandora's box from which many negative and evil events have emerged.
President Bush has opened a Pandora's Box of endless troubles.
Picture, SIMON HADLEY The Bishop of Lichfield will today announce his retirement after 18 years with a warning to Tony Blair that a potential war in Iraq will 'open a Pandora's box' in the Middle East.
A Pandora's box may have been opened recently when Napster founder Shawn Fanning called on "free" music fans to descend on our nation's capital and catch the attention of legislators holding hearings on online copyright issues.
Even the book's front-cover image - an illustration of Paul Thek's more or less self-explanatory Meat Piece with Warhol Brillo Box, 1965 - conjures a Pandora's box of semiotic possibilities and critical metaphors, ranging from Baudelairean estheticism, to the hollowness/rottenness of Pop art and/or pop culture, to recent precedents for Damien Hirst's decomposing, post-Stubbsian cow heads.