a Freudian slip

Freudian slip

Any inadvertent verbal or written mistake that reveals, or can be construed as revealing, an unconscious or repressed intention, belief, thought, attitude, etc. Named for the Sigmund Freud, considered the founding father of psychoanalysis, whose work largely focused on the unconscious and repressed elements of the human psyche. He said the wrong woman's name during his wedding ceremony, a Freudian slip that sent the bride-to-be into tears.
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a ˌFreudian ˈslip

a mistake in speaking or writing which shows what you really think or feel about somebody/something: ‘I’ve never loved, I mean I’ve never stopped loving, my mother.’ ‘Was that a Freudian slip?’This is named after Sigmund Freud.
See also: Freudian, slip
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In a bizarre case of a Freudian slip or Chinglish gone awry, hordes of pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) demonstrators were overheard inadvertently shouting out "Free China" while trying to drown out their pro-Hong Kong counterparts.
But was the veteran broadcaster, who has been reporting on politics since the 1970s, having a flashback or was this a Freudian slip suggesting the two women have more in common than holding the top job?
Editor's Note: Maybe that was a Freudian slip for wanting to see Jupiter 3,600 times closer up!
Then I said I hope it's not a Freudian slip. Well, that was a joke on top of a joke.
And now a Freudian slip. So they are aimed against Russia after all?
It may all depend on whether Lib Dem MP's find the courage to squeak (no it's not a Freudian slip).
The hilarity in the Commons on Wednesday when he claimed he had "saved the world" - a Freudian slip if ever there was one - shows this man is simply dysfunctional and should go ...
I mean, pleasure to introduce..." Talk about a Freudian slip.
Whether his addition of the word 'brain' to 'dead' as a description of our national language was deliberate, or merely a Freudian slip on his part I do not know, and cannot tell.
Nowhere in my letter did the words pathetic and programmes occur, so is this, perhaps a Freudian slip on your part airing your own prejudices?
Garrison adds a range of current expressions to the hundreds already found in his Why You Say It and What's in a Word?, resulting in an assemblage that will get your rhetorical ducks in a row and probably save you from a Freudian slip or two.
Wente's observations-whether a Freudian slip or not--came in her final sentence, "But the bang it (the pill) made was bigger than the atom bomb."
She responds to Lee's inquiry about a Freudian Slip for his wife by telling him it is 'a Nietzsche of the market we are looking to expand,' (boom, boom!).
Once in worship I misread Titus, declaring that we are to be "uptight" instead of "upright" (a Freudian slip?).
Ulster Unionist security spokesman Ken Maginnis said: "I leaned forward to David Trimble and I said, 'When you speak, congratulate Peter on his appointment and the speed with which he has reunited Ireland.' As long as it wasn't a Freudian slip, we can overlook it."