a (damn) sight better

a (damn) sight better

Quite a lot better (than a different person, thing, or condition). "Damn" is used to emphasize how much better someone or something is. The car should run a damn sight better now that you have the tires aligned properly. So far our new intern has been a sight better than our last one. Did they change the brand of coffee in the break room? All of a sudden, it's a damn sight better than it used to be!
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(damn) sight better

Rur. much better. Mary can sing a damn sight better than Tom can. You look a sight better with your hair cut short.
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a (damn, etc.) sight ˈbetter, ˈworse, etc. (than somebody/something)

(informal) a lot better, etc. (than somebody/something): Life would be a sight easier if we had a little more money!A car that big would use a darn sight more petrol than ours.
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