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Haddad, Karkour, Zod and others like them hope that in spreading awareness of their methods, they will help architects and engineers, clients and nonclients alike, also adopt a more holistic approach to sustainable construction.
So far, half of these barangays are already certified as ZOD communities.
The concluding scenes show Zod's army invading Metropolis and people running for their lives amidst chaos and destruction in the city's streets.
All hell breaks lose when a now free General Zod and his goons manage to locate the thing that they have been looking for, for years and target Metropolis.
Zod wants to replace the former with the latter, so what will our hero choose?
But Clark unwittingly sets off the tracking beacon of the stray ship he discovered, allowing the exiled General Zod and his troops to locate him.
When General Zod and his minions appear on Earth 30 years later ready for revenge, Kal knows he must use his powers before Zod annihilates the planet and all the people on it.
How else can you explain a final half hour that is just a wham, bam sequence of big, booming action as Zod and Superman thump lumps out of each other?
Amy Adams' Lois Lane is pictured far left with the hero, and Michael Shannon's General Zod is below
But rather than moving logically on to Metropolis, Man of Steel somewhat curiously dovetails back to Smallville, where Zod, newly freed from interstellar limbo, threatens to make haste with all of humanity unless Clark/Kal surrenders himself.
It was established in 1987 by Jack Weiss, Mark Zod and John Kamal in 1987.
Flying down to Earth, General Zod and his companions unleash terror as they try to take over the world and seem unstoppable as Superman surrenders his powers in order to lead a normal life with Lois Lane (Cert PG, 1980) ***
GPM expects the process to significantly increase gold recovery from sulphide-bearing ore produced at the Zod mine.
In non-family casting, Amy Adamstakes on the role of Lois Lane, whileMichael Shannon plays baddie General Zod.Ormond appeared last year in the HBO miniseries, "Temple Grandin", had a three episode run in "Nurse Jackie", and will appear soon in the drama film "The Green"
Now, with a formal cluck, Zod summoned his prime minister, Yod, who alit by the throne.