Youth must be served

(the) youth must be served

1. Young people should be treated with forbearance while given enough freedom to express and understand themselves. You keep trying to force your kids into this strict mold of appropriate behavior and attitudes, but youth must be served. If kids grow up without being allowed to be kids, they'll turn out emotionally stunted. A: "I can't believe she didn't come home until 4 AM this morning!" B: "Ah, leave her be. The youth must be served."
2. The beliefs, ideals, or ideologies of the younger generation as a whole must be considered and adopted. The company has adhered to the same traditions for the last 50 years, but the youth must be served or it will be in danger of becoming obsolete. The reason there is such a disconnect between politicians and young voters is that the former doesn't take to heart the lesson that youth must be served.
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Youth must be served.

Prov. Young people should be allowed to have fun. Don't lecture the young folks because they were out dancing all night. Youth must be served. I don't know where my daughter gets the energy for school, sports, and a full social life. Youth must be served, I suppose.
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