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Over that course, I often have the final say in everything - what we would eat, what you would buy, where we would go, when we would meet.
When an actor, who used to be a hot network property, has his e-mail address in his social-media bio, you know he is desperate for jobs.
If you would like to make a donation to the Hoffman Estates Park District's youth hockey programs, contact Randy Jordan at (847) 285-5501 or
After a couple of playful jokes with award presenter Rita Moreno, and the necessary thank yous, Morgan went on to give a few adjustments that could be made to the SAG statue in the future years.
"W non wo tarw"When you look at all the nonsense going on in the world, the way the hospitality industry rallied round one of its own would have filled me with such immense pride anyway, but being the focal point was crazy.
Tamer, touched by her kind gesture, tweeted Cyrine saying, "A thousand thank yous, Cyrine, you're the sweetest."
Yous have stitched us up for years; you have been in court, stitching us up, so the fact of the matter is, right...
Oman team, however, suffered a setback in the second singles when Sarah Al Balushi lost to Yous Shazline 1-6, 0-6.
Having said so many gushing thank yous to Cameron (Miliband just got the one, didn't he?) I wouldn't have been surprised if, during the ad break, the sycophantic Burley had asked to borrow someone's cap she could do it to the Prime Minister.
Stumbling into the top table room with the aforementioned Mr Newbon, who was joining other VIPs for a formal discourse on the day's events alongside the Shandong Yongtai bosses, father and son You Xuezhong and You Xiaoming, I was swiftly ushered into the ladies' party next door, where the wives of the two Yous, other Yongtai folk plus a few Covpress guys, were in evidence.
Then Autumn brings its golden hues A million leaves and i live yous We,ll shed no tears we,ll feel no grief Who mourns the falling of a leaf?
All the Fernlea staff members were left in tears as mother and daughter hugged and exchanged "I love yous".