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My father told me about it, because I used to tease him, you know.
Follow through by doing what you say you're gonna do.
I HATEworking weekends but when you're assigned to travel to Barcelona to cover the Spanish Grand Prix you just can't argue with the editor.
Ciaran Nugent also sent a message, "hope yous ok girls," as did Winifred Clarke who said, "I hope u are ok i am worried about you".
There are many things, I want you to know There is no time, for me to make it so.
We'd like to say a huge thank you to you and your readers.
So, at long last, now you, your families and friends can vote for your little one.
FURTHER to the Gazette story, 'This Is The Start Of A Bright New Era', as leader of Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council I would like to say a big thank you to all those who took part in last Saturday's Fire & Steel Festival 'Keeping the Flame Alive.
ANNIE LENNOX has written millionselling pop songs such as No More I Love Yous and Why.
This, according to fab website PJs and Prose is what's called a 'cosy emergency' and birthdays, new arrivals, anniversaries, thank yous, hard lucks, good lucks, break ups, make ups - any occasion can constitute a Cosy Emergency.
Lead singer Tom Smith may not have been very chatty - we got a couple of hellos, thank yous and goodbyes - but he certainly poured his energy into the gig.
COULDI please take this opportunity to say a few thank yous to all the lovely people who made our 13th Red Shirt Night at Pontefract last Friday such a huge success.
There were plenty of hugs and kisses at the airport Friday, and plenty of backslapping and thank yous at the California Army National Guard Armory in Van Nuys on Saturday.
The week will conclude with ribbon cutting ceremonies and a farewell celebration dinner on Friday night where Cuban families will join with their American counterparts for an exchange of addresses and thank yous and a review of a week of memories for such a rewarding experience.
That's to " The court was told themessage on father-of-two McCann's Facebook page read: "F*** your GMP (Greater Manchester Police) only 2 of yous should have been 22 of yous.