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PHOTO Delmon Young, 13, is the first incoming freshman to be invited to play in the Area Code Games.
Young people can and should begin to take charge of their destiny through learned decision-making and enhanced understand of the choices available to them.
Each young person has different skills and abilities and matures at a different pace.
Not all young people start at the same place developmentally because of economic circumstances, family problems, or personal differences.
Developmental activities must be tailored to meet the needs of young people who are in disadvantaged circumstances so that they receive the resources necessary to address the limitations in their life circumstances.
Educate staff about the natural course of adolescent development to ensure that they understand normal youth behavior, including individuation, that occurs as young people strive for success.
Provide opportunities for staff and board members to learn about themselves and how to transfer that learning process to young people, families, and the community.
Photo: While Steve Young, left, sits out with an injury, El vis Grbac gets his big chance today.
When they are youngsters, they have no direction," says Young.
We train them every day," says Young, who works with his wife, Joannie.
Young says each loft loses about 20 percent of its birds each year.
He came home, split open, bleeding," Young says, describing the instinct that overrides even mortal wounds.
When racing, birds stay pretty much together for the first 10 miles, Young says.