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YOUNG EDWARD (TED) Close to my heart you will always stay, loved and remembered everyday.
Author Daniel Wallace's fantasticating fable is a perfect fit for the musical-theater medium, because the father-and-son conflict that drives its story is set against a storybook-like narrative inhabited by a gentle giant, lady seahorses, a werewolf, a pair of conjoined twins, a love-struck maiden, and an elderly witch (Katie Thompson), who gives young Edward a vision of his future-his death!
Even this aged reviewer can empathise with every step taken by the protagonists, young Edward and Sophie, in this beautifully structured adventure story.
We meet the Witch (Katie Thompson, bringing down the house) who predicts young Edward's death, Karl the giant (Ryan Andes, instantly likable) and the carnival barker Amos Calloway (Brad Oscar, phenomenal).
He has developed a rival in young Edward and the two talk so much it's hard for the others to get a word in edgeways.
Little did a young Edward Harland know that when he joined the shipyard of Robert Hickson and Company on Queen's Island in 1854 it was to set him on the path of co-founding the most iconic shipping building company in the world.
Muybridge's father was a successful grain merchant but the young Edward had no interest in the family business and, at 22, he left to make his fortune in New York as a salesman of books for the London Printing and Publishing Co.
Though the monarchy emerged triumphant over barons in the end, in his later years Abbot Richard quarreled with Archbishop John Pecham of Canterbury and had to prove himself anew to the young Edward I, capping off his career with a promotion to royal treasurer.
(George Bellows and a young Edward Hopper were also part of this group.) "As compared with contemporary European developments, their work was not revolutionary, but the 'vulgarity' of their subject matter was enough to provoke sharp criticism for a time, as least, until their offenses paled beside the public outrage aroused by the introduction of avant-garde modernism at the Armory Show of 1913." (Source: Brown, et al.
18 Who plays a young Edward 'Grandad' Trotter in Rock And Chips, the prequel to Only Fools And Horses ...
It was grounded in opposition to the Statute of Labourers and the third poll tax of 1377 as well as to John of Gaunt, regent for the young Edward II.
(The litigant in me kept wondering about non-dramatic things like liability, as there were moments that struck me as potentially dangerous--as for example when an actor came out swinging a mace at young Edward's ascension ceremony.
Most of the photographs were from the extraordinary archive being assembled by the young Edward Hulton while others were commissioned by Lorant.
Randall told me that it was unlikely that Richard III had actually been responsible for the deaths of the young princes--that in fact there were some who believed that at least one of them (young Edward, heir to the throne) had been spirited away to France, and that the bones found beneath the stairway could very well have belonged to the pages of the young princes, their "whipping boys." And it was likely that if they had been murdered, it was Henry VII who had been responsible, notwithstanding his marriage to their elder sister.
Additionally, we get a much clearer idea than previously of the way in which his son Henry came to be the "henchman" of the young Edward VI.
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