You give up too easy

you give up too easy/easily

You admit defeat or submit to opposition without enough effort or protest. A: "I asked him for a raise, but he said no." B: "You give up too easily, Charlie. You've got to stand up for yourself and argue why you deserve that raise!" A: "And what did you say when she refused to approve a funding increase for the budget?" B: "Oh, nothing. What could I say?" A: "You could have said something—anything! Sheesh, you give up too easy."
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You (always) give up too easy (or easily).

You don't stand up for your rights.; You give up without a fight. Bill: Well, I guess she was right. Bob: No, she was wrong. You always give up too easily. Bob: I asked her to go out with me Friday, but she said she thought she was busy. Tom: Ask her again. You give up too easy.
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