You cannot serve God and mammon

you can't serve (both) God and mammon

A person cannot lead a virtuous, spiritual life while simultaneously pursuing the accumulation of wealth. "Mammon" is an Aramaic term meaning "money" or "wealth," used in the Bible to refer to the idolization of money over faith in God. I'll never understand how people can be taken in by these flashy television preachers who live in mansions the size of small towns. We learn early on that you can't serve God and mammon, so why on earth would we trust these charlatans to lead us into eternal glory? My father was very successful in business, but he always spent what he earned on the people in his company and in his community. He used to say, "You can't serve both God and mammon."
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You cannot serve God and mammon.

Prov. You cannot both be a good person and dedicate yourself to making money. (Biblical. Mammon means riches.) The minister warned the businessman that he could not serve God and mammon, and encouraged him to donate some of his wealth to charity.
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After all, it was on that occasion that Jesus advised his listeners not to heap up earthly treasure because no one can pursue more than one master: "You cannot serve God and mammon." At this point, the third premise of contemporary conservatism comes to the rescue.
You cannot serve God and mammon. Who are the honored ones?
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