You cannot please everyone

(you) can't please everyone

cliché It is not possible to satisfy everyone; someone will always complain or be displeased no matter what you do. A: "I think the work you've done has been fantastic, but I'm worried that the new color scheme might put off some of our older fans." B: "We've got to push forward in new directions. Can't please everyone." A: "My editor says I should try appealing to a broader demographic of readers." B: "I don't know—you can't please everyone, so why don't you stick to what you know best?" I know my parents are unhappy that I didn't come home for Christmas, but you can't please everyone. I just needed a break from all the drama this year.
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You cannot please everyone.

Prov. Cliché matter what you do, there will always be some people who do not like it. Nancy: My mother wants me to have a big wedding in the church, but my fiancé's mother insists that we should have an informal ceremony. What am I going to do? Jane: Well, you can't please everyone. Just do what you and your fiancé want to do.
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Some players have and some haven't but you cannot please everyone."
I really hope we have done something that most of the people that follow this show, you cannot please everyone, that people will love.
"You cannot please everyone. Although we try, it's impossible to please all.
"Maybe there are some or one disgruntled person in the court, but as they say, you cannot please everyone," Tang added.
But it is important to know that you must have a principle that you are prepared to defend because as a leader you cannot please everyone, you need to stick to your guns and remain focused,' Maphorisa said.
It is perfectly okay not to be fond of, or like, someone, in the same way that you cannot please everyone. But, do not be rude.
Still, you cannot please everyone and 2% voted for him as this season's biggest under-performer compared to last.
After all, you cannot please everyone, and if you do, there's something wrong.
"It's the midway point and it's perfect for us, you can bring your own food and drink and you get all your own space, but it's also a bit more glamorous," before her friend interrupted with the helpful advice: "You can say it's good, but don't say it's too good, we want to get back in next year!" however, you cannot please everyone all the time and while for many the only complaint was that the toilets were a long way from the racecourse, one man did not enjoy his Village experience.
'You cannot please everyone. I don't think a senior official in his right mind will accuse his organization of forming such illegal groups or illegal formations ng mga ganong designed for illegal purpose,' Dela Rosa said.
Of course you cannot please everyone, we are after all, talking about football fans here, a group that, if complaining were an art form, would be capable of painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling before quickly dashing off the Mona Lisa.
"You cannot please everyone; it is impossible and it can be harmful," he said, adding: "Some activists told me that they were pleased with the cabinet as a whole, but had some reservations about a particular candidate."
You cannot please everyone this week and you may have to make yourself unpopular with someone.
It just goes to show you cannot please everyone all of the time - and frankly, shouldn't try!
I have learnt that you cannot please everyone but I take pride in what I have done for this nation at every level.
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