You are more than welcome

be more than welcome

1. To received very cordially or with great pleasure in some place, especially a home. You're more than welcome to stay here anytime, Ned—I hope you know that.
2. To be under no obligation whatsoever for the courtesy or favor received. (Used as a polite response to "thank you.") A: "Thank you again for helping me with all this." B: "Oh, you're more than welcome, it was really no trouble." A: "My sister said to say 'thank you' for your generous gift." B: "Aw, that's sweet of her. Please tell her that she is more than welcome."
See also: more, welcome

You are more than welcome.

1. You are very welcome to be here. Please make yourself at home. You are more than welcome.
2. Your thanks are very gratefully accepted. A: Thank you so much. B: You are more than welcome.
See also: more, welcome