You are else!

you are something else (again)

1. You are hilarious and extremely entertaining. A: "So then I said, 'That's not a lady—that's my wife!'" B: "Hahaha, oh Jack, you are something else." I love the way you tell that story. You're something else again, Sal!
2. You are very remarkable or intriguing. That was an incredible performance, Sarah. You're something else again! You're something else, Mark. I'm just constantly in awe of what you are able to achieve in this company.
3. I can't believe you would do such a bad thing or behave in such a negative way. I mean, we've all done things we're not proud of. But stealing money from your dying mother? You're something else again, Marty.
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You are something else (again)!

Inf. You are amazing or entertaining! After Sally finished telling her joke, everyone laughed and someone said, "Oh, Sally, you are something else!" "You are something else again," said Fred, admiring Sue's presentation.
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