You're wasting my time

You're (just) wasting my time.

Inf. What you have to say is of no interest to me. Rachel: I've heard enough. You're just wasting my time. Good-bye. Mary: If that's the way you feel about it, good-bye. Bill: Come on, Bill. I'll show you what I mean. Bill: No, you're wasting my time.
See also: time, wasting
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At this, Burns told Reid: "You're wasting my time." As soon as he said this, Reid said, "Oh, well then, if I'm wasting your time, then goodbye," and suddenly ended the interview.
"I got to 24 and thought it was time, you can perform now, you're not a junior or first-year senior any more, you've got no excuses, so I just made that decision to step up." That decision was prompted by a few "harsh words" from coach Fuzz Ahmed, with Grabarz adding: "It was along the lines of 'You're more talented than any figures you've laid down this year, you're wasting your own time, it doesn't look like your heart is in it, and you're wasting my time'.
When PC Truss was approached by The People he said: "There's an investigation going on and that's all I'm saying so you're wasting my time."
You're wasting your time, and to be honest, you're wasting my time, too."
I don't wish to be rude but you're wasting my time.
"He got into the car, opened the window and said 'Come on man, you're wasting my time'.