you're the doctor

you're the doctor

dated You are the one in charge or the one who knows best. Said as an indication that one will defer to the judgment of someone else (not an actual doctor). A: "No, I'd rather make the payment all at once, even if it results in a higher transaction fee." B: "OK, you're the doctor." A: "I'm telling you that the witness's life is in danger if she stays here!" B: "All right, all right—you're the doctor. So, what should we do with her, Detective?"
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You're the doctor.

Inf. Fig. You are in a position to tell me what to do.; I yield to you and your knowledge of this matter. (Usually jocular; the person being addressed is most likely not a physician.) Bill: Eat your dinner, then you'll feel more like playing ball. Get some energy! Tom: Okay, you're the doctor. Teacher: You'd better study the first two chapters more thoroughly. Bob: You're the doctor.
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You’re the doctor

sent. I will do anything you say!; You are in charge! Put it over here. Okay, you’re the doctor.
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At his best the Belgian (above) can win games on his own while at his worst he can get you the sack, no matter if you're the doctor or the coach.
This was a patient who hadn't really made decisions for herself before, and she was turning to me and saying "you're the doctor, tell me want to do,'" said Dr.
One of the caveats is that you can't be a fan while you're the doctor. You really have to be able to separate that part of it."
"You're the doctor," is the phrase patients utter when confronted with the need to be confined longer in a hospital bed.
You're the doctor, you tell me." These patients will often reveal their concern by answering the follow-up question: "What is the worst disease that might cause this symptom?"
"When the doctor discovered he asked 'How did that happen?' We answered 'You're the doctor, you tell us'.''