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The long term investment case for uranium, and Yellow Cake, remains compelling."
Yellow Cake entered into a long-term contract with Kazatomprom for the purchase of up to 8.1 million pounds of uranium worth totaling $170 million.
Parents and kids thus will find satisfaction in a quick 'Poor Man's Steak Diane', which substitutes stew beef for the usual tenderloin used in Steak Diane, and Lemon Spoon Cake, which uses a box yellow cake mix base and adds lemon juice and butter embellishments.
Ann Ellsworth: Selections from The Yellow Cake Review; Gene Pritsker: Still Unvanquished for Alphorn and Samplestra; Daniel Schnyder, arr.
Eat: Benton's ham and corn griddle cake with maple butter; Lemon-strawberry malt dessert with milk-soaked yellow cake and lemon curd
The monitoring of uranium mines, the milling of uranium into yellow cake, the conversion of yellow cake to the UF6 that is put into centrifuges, and of centrifuge production and storage facilities, should also give us confidence that we could detect any effort to secretly divert critical materials.
The Huyton MP was handed the oblong, yellow cake "inscribed with the words "EEC Dublin 1975 Happy Birthday Harold" by his Foreign Secretary, James Callaghan.
In November 2011 Marenica delivered a resource estimate, based on historical and new data, indicating 276 Mt grading 94 parts per million U3O8 comprising an Indicated Mineral Resource of 26 Mt grading 110 parts per million yellow cake and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 250 Mt grading 92 parts per million yellow cake for a combined total of 57 million pounds of contained yellow cake.
Events around the city included cash collecting 'bananas' greeting morning commuters at New Street Station, yellow clad staff from RBS collecting change from lunchtime shoppers in the city centre, a Big Yellow cake sale at the city offices of Grant Thornton and a yellow themed day at the Birmingham office of Capita Employee Benefits.
The types of the cakes range from kid-friendly s'mores cake to yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and from lime pound cake and garlic cake (described as "not as terrible as it seems, on the surface, to be...").
The modestly sized images on display here, made between 2008 and 2012, derive, we are told, from the artist's own cell-phone photographs, and they depict ordinary things that apparently are just as ordinary as they seem: a ceiling with a few of its panels missing and a couple of others looking like they're ready to drop (Daily #5, 2008); a bar of soap--a yellow cake, in fact--on the edge of a bathtub (Daily #21, 2012); a rubber band resting on a saucer (Daily #13,2011).
Inspectors of the IAEA visited Iran's Gachin yellow cake mine in the south in January 2014 and the Arak heavy water production plant in December 2013.
Right, the distinctive black and yellow cake and, below, one of the tape measure favours PICTURES: JUDITH COOKE PHOTOGRAPHY
"Basically we take a layered yellow cake, split it and line it with fresh strawberries inside, add a thick layer of cream cheese mousse, another layer of cake, then more mousse, more strawberries and put toasted almonds on top."
According to Iranian media, the two mines had been discovered 30 years ago and undergone technical processes and construction over 18 years in order to provide uranium ore for Iran's nuclear sector, pointing out that the facilities produce concentrated yellow cake with a production capacity of up to 60 tons.(IY)