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Liz reassures her that the purchasers, Travis Ltd, will keep the same staff (yeah, right!), but when Michelle shares her fears with Carla, she's stunned when her buddy says she could try and buy Liz out.
NEW SERIES The chirpy chef shows us his tips for alfresco summer cooking (yeah, right!).
Yeah, right! It took two BFs, a bad breakup and a terrible date to a dance to figure out life is more stressful with a BF because of rumors and game-playing."
Yeah, right! It must be really good that his PS6million ITV gig is over.
Like, when your BFF says, "You look awesome today!" you say, "Yeah, right!" Well, shoo the nice words no more.
Michelle's mean swing is shaking things up in the world of golf, which some say stands for "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden." Yeah, right!
Yeah, right! Maija Ekey, 10, has put many a poor boy into a headlock, and this isn't that cheesy WWF stuff either.