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yankee dime

A kiss. My grandmother would always say, "Come give me a yankee dime, my dear," when she wanted a kiss.
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damn Yankee

A disparaging term for someone from the northern United States. The term was originally bestowed upon dishonest peddlers from the north who tried to deceive customers in the south. Did that damn Yankee really just insult my home? Those northerners may think they're better than us southerners, but I'm going to set him straight right now!
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Yankee go home

An outcry against the intrusion of the US and/or Americanisms into other cultures. As the spread of American culture has increased throughout the world, so have the calls of "Yankee go home!"
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Tango Yankee

phr. thank you. (NATO Phonetic Alphabet.) Tango Yankee for the email.
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Yankee ingenuity

Intelligent self-reliance using available materials. The phrase originated when mid-Atlantic and Southern colonists admired the ingenuity with which their New England neighbors were able to improvise tools and other ways to cope with poor farming conditions and harsh weather. Later on, and despite the dismay of sons and daughters of the Confederacy, “Yankee” described all of the United States (as in “The Yanks Are Coming”), and the phrase was similarly expanded to reflect American know-how and inventiveness.
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The Yankees took a 1-0 lead in the second after scoring a gift run.
The Yankees turned the tables as they nipped the Padres 1-0 in Game Six 1-0 on a solo homer from Series MVP Scott Brosius.
Either wear pin-striped undies or burn Steinbrenner in effigy, the Yankees inspire a reaction.
In fact, many Dodgers fans switched allegiance to the Red Sox after the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, rather than embrace the haughty Yankees.
The Yankees were good, John Lackey wasn't and the seemingly preordained result was an 8-3 New York victory in front of 38,343 at Edison Field.
This is the best team in baseball,'' Weaver said Thursday after he allowed just two runs on six hits in seven innings but lost to the Angels to fall to 1-2 in five outings with the Yankees.
Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, attending an NHL game in his hometown of Tampa, Fla.
It might feel strange to find yourself rooting for the Yankees these days to dig in against the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Scott Magoloff, a Daily News writer/editor, grew up in Long Island hating the Yankees.
One of the truly great moments in Los Angeles sports history came when the Dodgers not only beat the Yankees in the 1963 World Series, but swept them in four games.
Top Yankees scout Gene Michael is spearheading the effort to acquire Edmonds.
The Yankees have won 11 consecutive World Series games.
He is the fifth Yankees manager to win three pennants, joining Casey Stengel (10), Joe McCarthy (eight), Miller Huggins (six) and Ralph Houk (three).
To repeat after the incredible year we had last year is a great accomplishment,'' Yankees manager Joe Torre said.
Bernie Williams' leadoff homer in the bottom of the 10th inning gave the New York Yankees a 4-3 victory over the Boston Red Sox in Game 1 on Wednesday night, putting a thrilling ending to this first postseason meeting between the two clubs.