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yankee dime

A kiss. My grandmother would always say, "Come give me a yankee dime, my dear," when she wanted a kiss.
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damn Yankee

A disparaging term for someone from the northern United States. The term was originally bestowed upon dishonest peddlers from the north who tried to deceive customers in the south. Did that damn Yankee really just insult my home? Those northerners may think they're better than us southerners, but I'm going to set him straight right now!
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Yankee go home

An outcry against the intrusion of the US and/or Americanisms into other cultures. As the spread of American culture has increased throughout the world, so have the calls of "Yankee go home!"
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Tango Yankee

phr. thank you. (NATO Phonetic Alphabet.) Tango Yankee for the email.
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Yankee ingenuity

Intelligent self-reliance using available materials. The phrase originated when mid-Atlantic and Southern colonists admired the ingenuity with which their New England neighbors were able to improvise tools and other ways to cope with poor farming conditions and harsh weather. Later on, and despite the dismay of sons and daughters of the Confederacy, “Yankee” described all of the United States (as in “The Yanks Are Coming”), and the phrase was similarly expanded to reflect American know-how and inventiveness.
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I remembered the Yankee interviewer I had forgotten.
Those of us born last century were brought up to think the Yankees were the arrogant, egotistical, greedy, cheating, bullying epitome of evil in professional sports.
Funding for the $800 million in construction costs is being provided fully by the Yankees, who will also be responsible for operating and maintaining the new facility.
The new service is available at no additional charge to DIRECTV customers who live within the Yankees home television territory and have an interactive DIRECTV receiver.
14, 1999 Yankees 2 Yankee Stadium Yankees 3, Red Sox 2 57,180
Shields walked Jorge Posada, and Yankees manager Joe Torre sent up Ruben Sierra to pinch hit for Bubba Crosby.
Moving the Yankees out of The Bronx would be tantamount to the' strip-mining' of one borough, but not necessarily to the advantage of the other borough," said Ferrer.
YES' first-ever interactive programming offering -- including live, up-to-the-minute statistics, box scores and scoreboards, a bonus "StarCam" camera focusing on a particular star each inning, a daily interactive game and more, will result in an unparalleled viewer experience, enabling DIRECTV baseball fans to interact in real-time with other Yankees fans.
The Angels beat the Yankees in six of 10 meeting this season, and in the Joe Torre era (starting in 1996), the Angels are the only team with a winning record vs.
A Yankee Village plan has been part of the centerpiece Stadium plan proposed by Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer for many years, and he is now trying to jump-start the plan independent of the Yankees, REW has learned.
Come to Gate 6 right before Friday night's game and receive a makeover bold enough for the rowdiest Yankees fan.
If the Angels play the Yankees, Washburn probably will start.
If anything, this demonstrates that the Yankees are a valuable commodity for New York, says James D.
The New York Yankees have been the World Champions a remarkable 26 times, though in all the years of Yankee glory I believe that the 'Yankee Pride' comic book will be the first time that our Yankee heroes actually save the World," said Rick Licht, President of ULSP.
Sorry lover/haters of the Lakers, Notre Dame football, the Raiders - but it is the Yankees who inspire more passion than any team in any sport that calls America home.