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yankee dime

A kiss. My grandmother would always say, "Come give me a yankee dime, my dear," when she wanted a kiss.
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damn Yankee

A disparaging term for someone from the northern United States. The term was originally bestowed upon dishonest peddlers from the north who tried to deceive customers in the south. Did that damn Yankee really just insult my home? Those northerners may think they're better than us southerners, but I'm going to set him straight right now!
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Yankee go home

An outcry against the intrusion of the US and/or Americanisms into other cultures. As the spread of American culture has increased throughout the world, so have the calls of "Yankee go home!"
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Tango Yankee

phr. thank you. (NATO Phonetic Alphabet.) Tango Yankee for the email.
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Yankee ingenuity

Intelligent self-reliance using available materials. The phrase originated when mid-Atlantic and Southern colonists admired the ingenuity with which their New England neighbors were able to improvise tools and other ways to cope with poor farming conditions and harsh weather. Later on, and despite the dismay of sons and daughters of the Confederacy, “Yankee” described all of the United States (as in “The Yanks Are Coming”), and the phrase was similarly expanded to reflect American know-how and inventiveness.
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It is but fair to add that these Yankees, brave as they have ever proved themselves to be, did not confine themselves to theories and formulae, but that they paid heavily,
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It is normally re-compressed and re-used in the Yankee or used instead to heat hot water for showers on the paper machine.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Yankee Group and TelecomTV today announced a first-of-its-kind online media partnership to jointly produce research-rich news content and analysis that serves the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry.
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Ferrer expressed his adamant belief that moving Yankee Stadium would add nothing of benefit to Manhattan, other than more traffic and congestion in an already overcrowded neighborhood.
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A decision to locate at a Bronx Terminal Market Yankee Village site would have to be made whether or not the Yankees are nearby, he explained.
We are excited to be partnering with Craig and the Yankee Candle management team," said Rob Selati, Managing Director of Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC.
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According to the Yankee Group Report, Technology on Fast Forward: 2006 to 2011 US DVR Forecast, published today, the Advertising 2.