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You’re on your own

and YOYO
sent. & comp. abb. You will have no help if you continue. That’s my advice. Ignore it or you’re on your own.
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and yo-yo (ˈjojo)
1. n. a fool; an obnoxious person. Some yoyo wants to talk to you on the phone.
2. mod. stupid. Ask that yo-yo jerk to move along.
3. in. to vacillate; to be wishy-washy. Stop yo-yoing and make up your mind.
4. Go to You’re on your own.
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Wouldn't it be wonderful if every army in the world was equipped with yoyos instead of guns and Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Rather than submit his work to peer-reviewed journals for publication, Watson provides his photocopied booklets of meticulously neat engineering drawings, graphs, and handwritten text to two yoyo Web sites that sell them for him (http://www.
He began in the clothing trade running a stall in the Rag Market in the early 1980s, then moved into premises in Broad Street and Hurst Street before opening YoYo in 1996.
Most important, unscrewing the No Jive gives the player access to knots or tangles in the string within the yoyo," said Kuhn.
CEO Sandy Duncan said GDC was the perfect stage for the new partnership between YoYo and Sony.
YoYo Greenfield never slowed down even when she saw the car in front of her.
YoYo Greenfield claimed she panicked when her teammate, Stefanie Clark, fouled out with more than five minutes remaining and Harvard-Westlake's once 15-point lead narrowed to only two.
As customer service manager at King Aviation Center at Van Nuys Airport, Yoyo Gusso says he's seen it all.
When he was training cadets preparing for Vietnam, for example, he would have a stray dog named Yoyo fly with pilots.
EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) announced today that its DISH Network(TM) satellite television services recently added ET News, ET Global, ET Drama, YOYO TV, ET China, and JET TV International to its Chinese programming schedule in a complete package offering called the Chinese Super Pack.
YoHans has been yoyoing for over 15 years and has travelled and demonstrated the yoyo in over 30 countries.
We are pleased to be associated with such a quality firm as GLP/Coast and Country, and are looking forward to working with YoYo and the rest of the team," stated Richard B.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 1997--Big Island Communications, a leading provider of Windows-based computer telephony software for all levels of business, today announced its YoYo Professional ISDN-powered "digital modem" incorporating the company's award-winning YoYo call management software and its revolutionary Info-Highway ISDN and Internet setup software.