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up and down like a yo-yo

1. Moving rapidly and frequently between high and low positions. Please tell me I didn't forget something else upstairs because I've already been up and down like a yo-yo.
2. Changing rapidly and frequently between highs and lows states. After my sister died, I was up and down like a yo-yo—fine one minute and crying the next. But I guess that's grief for you. The stock market has been swinging up and down like a yo-yo in the face of the government's announcements.
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you're on your own

You have to deal with or resolve this situation without my or anyone else's assistance. A: "We'll need to tell the boss that the project won't be finished under the deadline." B: "You're the reason we're so delayed, you're on your own." A: "C'mon, help me clean all this up!" B: "Sorry, you're on your own. I'm heading to the mall with Rachel."
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An acronym for "you're on your own," meaning you have to deal with or resolve this situation without my or anyone else's assistance. The abbreviation is only used in writing. A: "Hey, will u tell Mom & Dad I'm @ the library studying?" B: "No way. I don't know what U R up 2, but YOYO." A: "Sally, would you be able to help me with this presentation?" B: "Sorry, YOYO. I'm completely snowed under with work."


1. verb, informal To vacillate, fluctuate, or reverse in opinion, position, or decision very frequently and abruptly. A reference to the action of the toy, a flattened spool wound with string that spins outward from the hand and then retracts again very quickly. The politicians keep yo-yoing on this issue, so it's hard to know where we stand at the moment. The boss yo-yoed for days before he finally made a decision on the proposal.
2. noun, slang A stupid, incompetent, or unpleasant person. Primarily heard in US. Make sure that yo-yo fills in the paperwork on time, or the whole project will come grinding to a halt. Some yo-yo at the department lost my application, so I couldn't get my license renewed before the trip.
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You’re on your own

and YOYO
sent. & comp. abb. You will have no help if you continue. That’s my advice. Ignore it or you’re on your own.
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and yo-yo (ˈjojo)
1. n. a fool; an obnoxious person. Some yoyo wants to talk to you on the phone.
2. mod. stupid. Ask that yo-yo jerk to move along.
3. in. to vacillate; to be wishy-washy. Stop yo-yoing and make up your mind.
4. Go to You’re on your own.


See yoyo
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