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You’re on your own

and YOYO
sent. & comp. abb. You will have no help if you continue. That’s my advice. Ignore it or you’re on your own.
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and yo-yo (ˈjojo)
1. n. a fool; an obnoxious person. Some yoyo wants to talk to you on the phone.
2. mod. stupid. Ask that yo-yo jerk to move along.
3. in. to vacillate; to be wishy-washy. Stop yo-yoing and make up your mind.
4. Go to You’re on your own.
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BlueSnap's comprehensive API library will make it easy for Yoyo to offer mobile payments in 180 countries, 29 languages and 60 currencies with 110 different payment options.
By combining payments, loyalty and discovery in a single platform, Yoyo is taking the lead in the mobile payment space," said Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap.
An American entrepreneur saw the potential when he spotted two Philippine waiters playing with their yoyos in Los Angeles in 1927 (they can't touch you for it) and an aggressive marketing campaign made the toy a worldwide hit.
Watson] has certainly been part and parcel of a lot of the advancement of yoyo technology," adds Oliver.
Having found technical literature on yoyos to be almost nonexistent, he has created some reports of his own.
Craig has performed YoYo tricks to thousands of people
YOYO Lip Gloss was conceptualized by entrepreneur Angie Onassis Parlionas in 2003 at the age of 25.
YOYO Lip Gloss was officially incorporated in 2004.
We are pleased to be associated with such a quality firm as GLP/Coast and Country, and are looking forward to working with YoYo and the rest of the team," stated Richard B.
We are excited to be joining the premier real estate organization in New England," said YoYo Carroll, president of GLP/Coast and Country.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 1997--Big Island Communications, a leading provider of Windows-based computer telephony software for all levels of business, today announced its YoYo Professional ISDN-powered "digital modem" incorporating the company's award-winning YoYo call management software and its revolutionary Info-Highway ISDN and Internet setup software.
Also announced this month was YoYo Telephone Manager for Windows, available now through Big Island's network of distributors and resellers for a suggested retail price of $119.
have been requested by YoYo customers, and is sure to offer something
home office (SOHO) market, YoYo has ushered in a new era for phone
begins shipping its first product, YoYo for the Macintosh, designed with the SOHO (small office/home office) customer in mind.