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slang A more enthusiastic alternative to "yes." The number of a's and s's can vary to indicate greater degrees of enthusiasm. School is closed today? Yasss. Yaassss, pumpkin spice lattes are finally back at Starbucks!
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yas queen

slang An expression of excitement and approval. The number of a's and s's in "yas" can vary to indicate greater degrees of enthusiasm. Yas queen! You look gorgeous! Yaassss qeeun, pumpkin spice lattes are finally back at Starbucks!
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QIA XI: Jithu (YAAS Qatar), Mufeer (21st Century Care N Cure), Jafar (City Exchange TJSV), Anandhu (Team MBM), Prasanth (YAAS Qatar), Jijo (City Exchange TJSV), Rashid (Team MBM), Mahin (MAPH Trading), Faizal Rahman (YAAS Qatar), Faisal (Rusiya Adastra), Mousoof (City Exchange TJSV)
Engaging characters (particularly the 12-year-old Yaas), some beautiful writing (with a little magical realism thrown in, including the existence of Ghost Brother), and a compelling story propelled critics along.
Team MBM progressed to the final after their opponents United Kerala FC forfeited the semifinal clash, while City Exchange TJSV Tea Time FC defeated YAAS Qatar by a single goal in the second semi-final.
It will enable the representative agencies, PARC and YAAS, jointly to develop organization of joint collaborative research programmes on themes of mutual interest; organization of joint academic activities such as training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences, exchange of scientists, research scholars and students, exchange of research and scientific materials, publications and information; and exchange of cooperation deemed appropriate by both institutions.
Munir, Secretary PARC, and Li Xuelin, Vice-President YAAS, P.
Later on, the second group game of the day was held, with YAAS Qatar defeating Team MBM 3-1.
QIA patron Habibun Nabi, RIA Financial Services Country Manager Jitendra Pandey and a host of QIA officials and sponsors' representatives were present at the press conference The teams Group A: City Exchange TJSV FC, United Kerala FC, Tamil Nadu FC, Rusiya Adastara FC Group B: Team MBM, Yaas Qatar, Mumbai FC, Maph Trading FC Group C: 21st Century CNC MAK Qatar, CTT Emadi FC, South Indian Soccer Boys, FSC Naseem Al Rabeeh.