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a (certain type of person or thing) among (others)

A truly exceptional or exemplary person or thing among other of that kind. The university honored the late Professor Mubarak, whom they called a scholar among scholars in the ceremony. Their latest model is something incredible, a true car among cars.
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in Soviet Russia, (something) (does something to) you

A humorous reversal of the subject and object of a previous statement, meant to allude to the oppressive regime of the USSR. This kind of joke is known as a "Russian reversal," commonly attributed to Ukrainian-American comedian Yakov Smirnoff. A: "You can choose any career you want." B: "Yes, but in Soviet Russia, career chooses you!"
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x's and o's

1. sports The symbols used to denote the players on one's team (and usually those of the opposing team) in a diagram of a play (i.e., the formation the players will take when trying to score or move the ball). The term often refers to the plays themselves. That coach is great with the x's and o's, but the team's execution has been very disappointing.
2. By extension, knowledge of how something works. Before you start on that report, call Shelly—she knows all the x's and o's of the budget.
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