X out

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X out

To draw an ex (X) or series of exes over some written word or name so as to designate its removal or need to be disregarded. A noun or pronoun can be used between "X" and "out." A: "Why is Amy's name Xed out?" B: "Because she's not coming on the field trip anymore." Just X out all of the words that you feel need to be deleted in the next draft.
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X someone or something out

to mark out something printed or in writing, with Xs. Sally X'd the incorrect information out. Sally X'd out the incorrect information. You should X Tom out. He's not coming. Please X out this line of print.
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X'd out

1. eliminated; crossed-out. But the Babbits are X'd out. Put the X'd out Babbits back where they were.
2. . Sl. killed. (Underworld.) Mr. Big wanted Wilbur X'd out. He wanted Sam to see that all these punks were X'd out.
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x out

1. To make X-shaped marks on something to indicate that it should be deleted, canceled, or ignored: The editor will x out any offensive lines in your letter before publishing it. I wrote my number on the sheet and then, thinking again, I x'ed it out.
2. To remove someone or something from a list or record: Many details of the Spanish civil war have been x'ed out of the history books to make room for more recent events. My name should be on the admissions list unless they have decided to x me out.
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