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for XYZ reasons

For various unknown or unspecifiable reasons. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Many people don't like country music for XYZ reasons, but I've always really enjoyed it.
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An initialism for "examine your zipper pretty darn/damn quick" (with "X" used to represent "examine" to fit the pattern of "XYZ"). Said to someone whose pants are unzippered. Hey, Tom, XYZPDQ before you go into the meeting!


tv. examine your zipper; make sure your fly is zipped up. (Initialism. Said to men when necessary.) I say there, Willy, XYZ.
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During the first phase, we moved thyroid, cortisol, and ferritin assays from two batch systems to Analyzer XYZ.
XYZ might well have survived by considering itself in the refrigeration business rather than the ice business.
XYZ executives own 500,000 shares of the company, and the other 500,000 are held by various investors.
Five axis machine XYZ 3 axis (XYZ) continuously controlled 5 axis positioning (5 axis continuous control is not required) 4 and 5 axis - rotating, tilting head, spindle positioning, execution cycles for the thread.
Example 1: Mutual Fund XYZ invests in large-company stocks.
For example, let's say Customer A agrees to buy from XYZ a product for $120,000, paid in 12 equal installments over a year.
The man, identified only as XYZ, told the High Court that he had paid a "very great price" and was left with irreversible kidney failure.
s "Spitting Image" and France's "Les Guignols," "The XYZ Show" is a puppet show using satire to take on Kenya's ruling classes.
Less than a week after the installation of an XYZ XL1500 'extra large' CNC lathe in November 2008, Kirstek Precision Ltd (KPL) secured an ongoing order for large stainless steel rings for the power generation industry, none of which could be produced on the company's existing machine tools.
Last year, XYZ Imaging of Montreal changed its name to RabbitHoles Media Inc (RMI), when the 3D colour digital holographic printer and the imaging business was sold to RabbitHoles Holdings Corp of Ottawa.