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for XYZ reasons

For various unknown or unspecifiable reasons. Primarily heard in US. Many people don't like country music for XYZ reasons, but I've always really enjoyed it.
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An initialism for "examine your zipper" (with "X" used to represent "examine" to fit the pattern of "XYZ"). Said to someone whose pants are unzipped. Hey, Tom, XYZ before you go into the meeting!


An initialism for "examine your zipper pretty darn/damn quick" (with "X" used to represent "examine" to fit the pattern of "XYZ"). Said to someone whose pants are unzippered. Hey, Tom, XYZPDQ before you go into the meeting!
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tv. examine your zipper; make sure your fly is zipped up. (Initialism. Said to men when necessary.) I say there, Willy, XYZ.
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XYZ, on the other hand, has incurred the wrath of opponents of the NDC for being a medium through which this government is always taken to the cleaners.
In another scenario, XYZ shares break above the $55 exercise price, and the call options are exercised.
Then r [conjunction] s [conjunction] t [less than or equal to] [f.sup.-1] ([xi])(xyz) = [xi](f(xyz)) = [xi](f(x)f(y)f(z)).
XYZ: "I'm fixin' to get the visual once I get over the mountain ridge." Atlanta Center: "XYZ, let me know if you see the airport."
Based on the foregoing, XYZ is presumed to be making taxable sales in New York State by soliciting business in New York State through the use of independent contractors or other representatives and required to be registered as a sales tax vendor, collect New York State and local sales taxes, and file the required sales tax returns.
* Second, if each of the subsidiaries distributes its profits to XYZ, the DRA may claim that XYZ owes the 5 percent New Hampshire interest and dividends tax on these distributions.
A creditor's setoff rights simply mean that if ABC owes XYZ $1,000 and XYZ also owes ABC $700, then XYZ can net out, or setoff, the amounts owed so that ABC only need pay XYZ the net amount of $300 owed.
RabbitHoles started life in 2001 as XYZ Imaging, a division of XYZ RGB, a Canadian company making 3D scanners and offering related services.
When "The Raid" nabbed the People's Choice Award in the Midnight Madness section in Toronto earlier tiffs year, it marked a turning point for XYZ Films.
We are not independent with respect to XYZ Company as of and for the year ended [or ending, as applicable] December 31, 20XX, because a member of the engagement team had a direct financial interest in XYZ Company.
This case and the comparison of ABC University, which benchmarks its BSC, and XYZ University, which does not benchmark its BSC, suggest that first-choice candidates with sufficient expertise in their industry can detect nonbenchmarked scorecards.
Consider A, who agrees to purchase 100 shares of XYZ at ` 350 per share on June 3.
Consider Mr A, who agrees to purchase 100 shares of XYZ at Rs 350 per share on 3 June.