X'd out

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X out

To draw an ex (X) or series of exes over some written word or name so as to designate its removal or need to be disregarded. A noun or pronoun can be used between "X" and "out." A: "Why is Amy's name Xed out?" B: "Because she's not coming on the field trip anymore." Just X out all of the words that you feel need to be deleted in the next draft.
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X'd out

1. Of an image or piece of text, having an ex (X) or series of exes drawn over it. Hyphenated if used before a noun. The X'd-out sections of the map represent areas where we have already completed our search. The teacher caught the student drawing a picture of the principal with his eyes X'd out.
2. Removed or eliminated from something. That single mistake in my application got me X'd out from the competition. The passage ended up X'd out of the movie due to censorship laws.
3. slang Killed. You oughta know better than to mouth off to a gangster like him. You're gonna end up getting X'd out one of these days!
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X'd out

1. eliminated; crossed-out. But the Babbits are X'd out. Put the X'd out Babbits back where they were.
2. . Sl. killed. (Underworld.) Mr. Big wanted Wilbur X'd out. He wanted Sam to see that all these punks were X'd out.
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X’d out

1. mod. eliminated; crossed-out. But the Babbits are X’d out.
2. mod. killed. (Underworld.) Mr. Big wanted Pete X’d out.
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I was focused on why it was not going off and why it was X'd out. I failed to recognize that we were above 5,000 feet Altitude Above Ground Level (AGL) and it was normal for the RADALT to be X'd out and not sounding a warning tone.
"I had 41 messages on my phone, they were mainly well done but there were a few words x'd out as well.
A click-through image on the site - founded by a US college student as a project in 1999 - showed a scrawled grave stone, the company's cat head logo with x'd out eyes and the comment 'Ded Kitty'.
1 checked the FCS page and saw my left leading-edge flap was X'd out. The next step was to break out the pocket checklist.
The transit took over an hour, with all cautions remaining, flight controls X'd out, and a shaky hyd 2 needle.
I had an X'd out left stab in channels two and three, with a bit-logic (BLIN) code of 333.
Every channel was X'd out, and the BLIN display listed too many codes to remember.