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In the worst-case scenario, which is zero relations with Russia, we are talking about a loss of $9 billion," Mehmet Simsek, the deputy prime minister in charge of the economy, told private NTV television.
The best outcome for this worst-case scenario is that the judge realizes that my daughter is truly sorry, has learned her lesson, and made voluntary restitution.
In addition, the proposed role would delete a requirement from the RMP program that facilities outline certain worst-case scenario data from the executive summary of their risk management plans.
I'm sure everybody's mind immediately leaped to worst-case scenario," said Leigh Roberts, medical director at Chicago's Howard Brown Health Center.
Under the worst-case scenario, cover would drop 66 per cent by 2030 and 96 per cent by 2070.
Unfortunately, the second half of 2001 seems to be playing out that worst-case scenario, with the lost capacity hardly missed by an industrial market with a shriveling demand for aluminum.
The worst-case scenario is based on the assumption that crude oil prices will soar because of a supply shortage if the Middle East becomes a battle zone following U.
Now, we're not suggesting you dash out to Barnes & Noble to snag a copy of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival [Handbook.
The real worst-case scenario is to go out of business," Karraker said, adding that shutting down isn't really a concern for Bluelight.
You wonder, on opening CTR senior editor Josh Piven's new bestseller, The WORST-CASE SCENARIO Survival Handbook, was it based on his experience here at West World?
A limited partner is not considered to be at risk for partnership debt obligations associated with a computer leasing transaction; however, a taxpayer is personally liable if he would legally be responsible for his debt under a worst-case scenario (American Principals Leasing Corp.
The real threat is that they'll take this information and target facilities and sit in Iran or wherever they want to be and cause a worst-case scenario through an information-technology system.
Developing the worst-case scenario - the worst that can happen in your community, to your facility, etc.
CEOs prefer to know the worst-case scenario and have the most conservative cost figures when evaluating a project.
You can always come up with plausible-sounding numbers in a feasibility study, but in the worst-case scenario who will pay in the end are the taxpayers.