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I could not but dwell upon it often as I made my lonely way through this virgin world. Then, quite suddenly, one day I stepped out of the peace of manless primality into the presence of man--and peace was gone.
During the slowly decreasing warmth of the Pliocene period, as soon as the species in common, which inhabited the New and Old Worlds, migrated south of the Polar Circle, they must have been completely cut off from each other.
Now the sights and sounds of this ceremony are broadcast instantaneously to billions around the world. Communications and commerce are global.
The creator wished to look away from himself,--thereupon he created the world.
There lay a vast territory, and in that territory were the hugest deposits in the world of iron and coal--the backbone of industrial civilization.
"How in the world can the sun shine through five hundred miles of solid crust?"
Practically all of us will weep red tears and sweat bloody sweats as we come to knowledge of the unavoidable cruelty and brutality on which the trained-animal world rests and has its being.
And so we loved and were happy; and I forgave him his materialism because of his tremendous work in the world, performed without thought of soul-gain thereby, and because of his so exceeding modesty of spirit that prevented him from having pride and regal consciousness of himself and his soul.
The same view of "consciousness" is set forth in the succeeding essay, "A World of Pure Experience" (ib., pp.
Would that we might for ever stay The rainbow glories of the world, The blue of the unfathomed sea, The rare azalea late unfurled, The parrot of a greener spring, The willows and the terrace line, The stranger from the night-steeped hills, The roselit brimming cup of wine.
This old chap was doing his little share of the world's work with proper efficiency.
He knew their literary quality, and their rank in the literary, world; but I believe he was surprised at the passion I instantly conceived for them.
No doubt in that perfect world there had been no unemployed problem, no social question left unsolved.
When the grey cub came back to life and again took interest in the far white wall, he found that the population of his world had been reduced.
It seemed to her that both she and all of them were insincere, and she fell so bored and ill at ease in that world that she went to see the Countess Lidia Ivanovna as little as possible.