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bad workers always blame their tools

If someone performs a job or task poorly or unsuccessfully, they will usually lay the blame on the quality of their equipment, or other such external factors, rather than take responsibility for their own failure. The football player blamed the overinflated ball for costing his team the game, but as they say, bad workers always blame their tools.
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a fast worker

One who is able to navigate a complicated, nuanced, or difficult situation in order to gain an advantage for themselves. A figurative use of the phrase's literal meaning, "one who is able to work quickly." Promoted to manager in less than half a year? My, he's a fast worker, isn't he? But the actress is a fast worker, deftly maneuvering through the more emotionally charged material to give her character an immediate presence in the film.
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black-collar worker

Someone who tends to wear black clothing and, typically, is employed in a creative field. The term is formed on the model of "blue-collar" and "white-collar." Honestly, the black-collar workers employed by that designer really intimidate me—they just seem so cool!
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a fast ˈworker

(informal) a person who wastes no time in gaining an advantage, especially a person who can quickly gain somebody’s affection: She’s a fast worker! She’s only been here a few days and already the boss has invited her for dinner!
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black-collar workers

n. people, usually affected, who wear black all the time. (Contrived. A play on white-collar and blue-collar workers.) I hate to go over to the gallery. It’s filled with black-collar workers. Reminds me of the Adams Family.
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For years we have been led to believe that the market for seasonal agricultural workers remains very tight, despite the massive influx of alien workers, and that any reduction of labor would result in skyrocketing consumer costs.
Not only are mature workers generally seen as dependable, loyal and dedicated, they're also viewed as having a strong work ethic, solid performance record and years of experience.
Injured workers gave up their constitutional right to seek redress in courts for fast and efficient wage-loss replacement, reasonable and necessary medical care, and, when complete medical cure was not possible, disability awards to compensate for lost future earnings.
Given how badly white unions treated black workers for most of the last 141 years, one of the opening sentences of Paul D.
Because Uchitelle concentrates almost exclusively on protecting existing jobs, he dismisses the idea of preparing workers for new and better jobs, and he displays an inexplicable animus against the Clinton administration whose economic strategy laid a heavy emphasis on job creation, as well as education and re-training.
It is known that male blue-collar workers have a shorter life expectancy than women in relation to mostly preventable diseases and injuries (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2000).
With the split, many now wonder what role Asian American, Black and Latino workers will play as the union world goes through its changes.
During World War II and in the decade after, they played a pivotal role in securing medical coverage and pensions for millions of union and nonunion workers alike.
Despite company efforts, workers remained interested in unionization--although certainly not broad cross-racial, cross-gender unions.
Relative risks (RR) for disease among bridge workers were calculated using bivariate analysis.
Most biologists who have considered insect societies see them as models for studying altruism, with the workers looking out for the common good.
Ontario is the only jurisdiction to include social service workers in such legislation.
The workers formed their own union, United Dairyworkers of Ohio, Local 1.
The new rules, written under the bipartisan agreement that Schwarzenegger reached with Democrat and Republican legislators last spring, will change the factors determining how much money permanently injured workers receive as compensation for their injuries.
Laboratory workers are at risk when handling specimens containing Brucella species because of aerosol-generating procedures or accidents that may result in infection of blood or conjunctiva (6).
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