man/woman/gentleman/lady of leisure

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man/woman/gentleman/lady of leisure

Someone who has enough money that they do not need to work for a living, and therefore can spend their time however they please. The group mostly consists of ladies of leisure who use their time, money, and influence to help charity causes. I tried my hand at a variety of professions, but in the end, the life that suits me best is that of a man of leisure.
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a lady of leisure

A lady of leisure is a woman who does not have to work. There'll be no more mid-week shopping now you're no longer a lady of leisure.
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lady (or man or gentleman) of leisure

a person who does not need to earn a living or whose time is free from obligations to others.
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Eighty-one per cent (88per cent of Midland women) feel they are expected to perform "far too many roles nowadays" and if money were no object, most would choose to be a "woman of leisure" or a "home-maker".