With you in a minute

(be) with you in a minute

Please wait patiently for a short amount of time, and I will attend to you as soon as possible. A: "Hello? Mr. Duffy?" B: "With you in a minute, Tom! Please, make yourself comfortable in the living room." A: "Excuse me, Ms. Wallace?" B: "Be with you in a minute, Jessica. I'm just finishing up an email to our supplier."
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With you in a minute.

 and Someone will be with you in a minute.
Please be patient, someone will attend to you very soon. (The someone can be any person's name or a pronoun, typically I. If there is no one mentioned, I is implied. The minute can be replaced by moment or second.) Sue: Oh, Miss? Clerk: Someone will be with you in a minute. Bill: Please wait here. I'll be with you in a minute. Bob: Please hurry.
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