with pleasure

with pleasure

It would be my pleasure to do that. Used to politely express cordial acceptance of or consent to something. A: "We're hosting a panel next month about the implications of climate change, if you'd be interested in joining us as a speaker." B: "Yes, with pleasure." A: "Hi there, would you mind bringing this up to my room for me?" B: "With pleasure, sir."
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With pleasure.

a phrase indicating eager consent to do something. Fred: Would you please take this note over to the woman in the red dress? Waiter: With pleasure, sir. Sue: Would you kindly bring in the champagne now? Jane: With pleasure.
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with ˈpleasure

(formal) used for accepting an offer, invitation, etc. or for saying that you are willing to do what somebody has requested: ‘Would you like to come and have lunch on Sunday?’ ‘With pleasure. I’d love to come.’
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References in classic literature ?
1338a] Now rest itself seems to partake of pleasure, of happiness, and an agreeable life: but this cannot be theirs who labour, but theirs who are at rest; for he who labours, labours for the sake of some end which he has not: but happiness is an end which all persons think is attended with pleasure and not with pain: but all persons do not agree in making this pleasure consist in the same thing; for each one has his particular standard, correspondent to his own habits; but the best man proposes the best pleasure, and that which arises from the noblest actions.
Bennet, who had calculated on her daughters remaining at Netherfield till the following Tuesday, which would exactly finish Jane's week, could not bring herself to receive them with pleasure before.
Miss Crawford had a claim; and when it was no longer to encroach on, to interfere with the stronger claims, the truer kindness of another, she could do her justice even with pleasure to herself.
Now, that idea would never have occurred to me; but then I am not encumbered with pleasures.
Music has long been known to light up the brain with pleasure and sensation, but exactly why and how remained unclear -- until now.
Of course, for many of us, the fact that knowledge and virtue can be gained at all, and that they are to be gained with pleasure, as well as hard work, turns out to be occasion for relief and delight, and hardly a cause for regret.
Travel Business Review-28 July 2010-Nickelodeon Announces Licensing Agreement with Pleasure Beach Amusement Park(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
With pleasure so incorporated, one would be pleased, for example, by doing a brave deed.
But more recently sales have plateaued, and suppliers believe that associating their products with pleasure, rather than fear, can result in new growth.
The perfect solution is to create a healthy mix of business with pleasure and reward yourself from time to time for your hard work.
has launched two unique items with pleasure as their byword.
Combining business with pleasure always reminds me of that felicitous French custom, near the end of a meal, of asking for a little cheese to finish off the wine, followed, of course, by more wine to finish off the cheese.
We will be recalling with pleasure for years to come the stories she has brought to our attention; for her capacious study provides a rich and welcome store of material for future argument and debate.
Your brain rewards you with pleasure and creates an appetite for those things because they are necessary for life.
Americans have long had an ambivalent relationship with pleasure, and we've always been quick to vilify our objects of desire.