a wind/the winds of change

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a wind/the winds of ˈchange

an event or a series of events that has started to happen and will cause important changes or results: There’s a wind of change in the attitude of voters.Winds of change were sweeping over the country.The British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan used this phrase in a speech he made in 1960.
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The ways of Four Winds were less staid and settled and grooved than those of Avonlea; winds of change blew over them; the sea called ever to the dwellers on shore, and even those who might not answer its call felt the thrill and unrest and mystery and possibilities of it.
With the help of the EBRD the winds of change have also provided Mongolia with a breath of fresh air.
It is a global day to celebrate women's unity, advocacy and reflection on their small steps or actions of winds of change.
Winds of Change is developed on behalf of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and the nationally distributed magazine is published with a focus on career and educational advancement for American Indian and Alaska Native peoples with an emphasis on STEM.
The Winds of Change were disturbing, but they have led to greater harmony.
Many physician executives face winds of change at work; it is virtually unavoidable in large organizations because social and economic forces often collide to result in change or destruction.
Composites--Part II: Winds of Change Stir Materials R&D, Oct.
The administration did do something this September, though, that conjured up true winds of change.
WINDS OF CHANGE All massive stars lead short lives.
There was no hint that a curriculum policy might be re-examined--just a wistful comment about the winds of change.
On the high seas, maritime trade is feeling the winds of change, and Latin America is no exception.
From the probable fates of ancient societies suddenly demolished or moved to mounting evidence that such changes have been serial killers in human civilization's history, THE WINDS OF CHANGE holds some thoughtful implications for us all, blending science and history in an absorbing text.
Will the next pope be a continuation of the current Vatican bureaucracy and its focus or will the winds of change blow into that church?