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the eyes are the windows of the soul

The eyes can reveal a lot about one's inner state and emotions. When I gazed into her eyes for the first time, I felt like I had known her forever. I guess it's true that the eyes are the windows of the soul.
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window of opportunity

A short or limited period of time in which one has a favorable opportunity to do, obtain, or accomplish something. The summit offers a window of opportunity for the two countries to reach a peace agreement. Some fear we may have already missed our window of opportunity to get the development plan approved by the city.
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window on the world

A means of experiencing or learning about parts of the world beyond one's immediate surroundings or situation. Kids are spoiled rotten with the amount they can learn and see on the internet. In my day, the only window on the world was whatever books the local library had.
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window of opportunity

Fig. a brief time period in which an opportunity exists. This afternoon, I had a brief window of opportunity when I could discuss this with the boss, but she wasn't receptive.
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window of opportunity

a favourable opportunity for doing something that must be seized immediately if it is not to be missed.
See also: of, opportunity, window
References in classic literature ?
In disgust I desisted from my useless efforts and stepped to the chamber's single window.
There had been so much getting in and out of window in the course of the last hour or so, that he had quite forgotten the door, and seemed to have lived among such exercises from infancy.
Just as I was turning away wearily from the window to go back to the bedroom and make a second attempt to complete the unfinished entry in my journal, I smelt the odour of tobacco-smoke stealing towards me on the heavy night air.
Could that window have been closed and refastened after the flight of the assassin?
She was very beautiful; a more clever, or a more lovely countenance he could not fancy to himself; and she no longer appeared of ice as before, when she sat outside the window, and beckoned to him; in his eyes she was perfect, he did not fear her at all, and told her that he could calculate in his head and with fractions, even; that he knew the number of square miles there were in the different countries, and how many inhabitants they contained; and she smiled while he spoke.
Swiftly and furtively the man stood suddenly erect, and began to push the window slowly up.
At a wooden table in front of the window, which normally looked out on this landscape, sat two men in plain clothes, but with something of a military bearing, for indeed they were the two chiefs of the detective service of that district.
Incautiously her head had risen to the middle of the window.
The one door leading out of it was open, as I had expected it would be, in order to let the air through the back window into the house.
Crisparkle was craning towards the window, when Mr.
Sikes had him down, and his knee was on his throat, when Crackit pulled him back with a look of alarm, and pointed to the window.
If there is some one, if there is really some one there, you will see the invisible window light up at the top, near the ceiling.
The door was reached a few steps further, and one of the windows beside it was open.
I ring for coffee, cigarette, and cherry brandy, and take my chair by the window, just as the absurd little nursery governess comes tripping into the street.
This peculiarity of position, added to the breadth of the roadway interposing between them and the smaller houses opposite, made it impossible for Magdalen to see the numbers on the doors, or to observe more of any one who might come to the windows than the bare general outline of dress and figure.