a wind/the winds of change

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a wind/the winds of ˈchange

an event or a series of events that has started to happen and will cause important changes or results: There’s a wind of change in the attitude of voters.Winds of change were sweeping over the country.The British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan used this phrase in a speech he made in 1960.
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India despite currently fascinated with the visit of Obama, has started again recognizing the importance of the blowing wind of change from nearby China and announced PM Modi's visit from May 26 this year to China in an apparent attempt to build windmills and obliterate earlier built walls.
HAS a wind of change happened regarding the more or less automatic planning approval of wind turbines?
SEX drugs and rock n roll The devil was waiting to take your soul Beehive hair the mini skirt Super powers on red alert Bridget Bardot''s famous pout Mods and rockers thrashed it out Sexual freedom set free Tripping out on LSD Wind of change was everywhere Revolution in the air Youth rebelled enjoyed the thrills Of marijuana and popping pills Hippies things all psychedelic Peace and love a holy relic Sex rock icons Glastonbury Beatles, Stones and Mungo Jerry Nostalgically turn back-the page Sixties was an icon age When The Who''s song caused a big sensation Talking about my generation M WARREN, Monkseaton
This regional conference is as important as timely given the wind of change which is sweeping through region and its potential impact on the future of journalism," said Jim Boumelha, IFJ President who is attending the meeting.
This wind of change which has revived the Middle East enticed Fayad and his associates to work harder on having a strong solid government which can take care of the country and its people during these "turbulent days.
Lebanon could be a source of inspiration for other countries, particularly under the current circumstances when the wind of change is blowing into the region," Caccia added.
But there is a wind of change in the region and Algerians will protest - it's been done in Tunisia and Egypt, so why not Libya and Morocco, or even Syria, Jordan and the Yemen, although these are less likely in the short term.
BARACK Obama's closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp is a sign of the wind of change blowing through America and the world.
Then again, having listened to Wind Of Change by The Scorpions youmight think that a good thing.
The wind of change is blowing through this continent, and whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact.
Graham Watson, President of the Liberal Democrat Alliance (ALDE), expressed the view that "a wind of change is blowing through Sweden".
At last there is a wind of change that the people of Sparkbrook can welcome.
The cycle began inside the Hill District home of Aunt Ester in ``Gem of the Ocean,'' and, with ``Radio Golf,'' ends 93 years later as the impending destruction of that house signals more than a simple wind of change.
Saint says the MNR's new policy is part of a wind of change that is blowing in from the West.
THE wind of change may be about to blow through the Anfield boardroom.