Wild horses couldn't drag away

wild horses couldn't drag (one) away (from something)

One is determined or committed to keep doing something or remain somewhere. After spending so much money on the tickets to his concert, wild horses could drag me away! Wild horses couldn't drag Jim away from his work. He just gets too invested in it.
See also: away, drag, horse, wild

Wild horses couldn't drag someone away (from something.)

Prov. Someone is determined to remain with something. Once Elaine starts playing a video game, wild horses can't drag her away from it. Jim was determined to remain fishing at the lake. Wild horses couldn't drag him away from it.
See also: away, drag, horse, wild

wild horses

If you say that wild horses would not make you do something, you mean that nothing would make you do it. Wild horses wouldn't drag this secret out of me. Wild horses wouldn't make Nicola sell the house.
See also: horse, wild
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