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get on (one's) wick

To irritate or annoy one. Primarily heard in UK. The kids are really getting on my wick today with their constant fighting. I'm not trying to get on mom's wick, but every little thing seems to bother her today.
See also: get, on, wick

dip (one's) wick

rude slang Of a man, to have sexual intercourse. If he never came home from his date last night, I bet it's because he dipped his wick.
See also: dip, wick

get on someone's wick

If someone or something gets on your wick, they annoy you. After three or four songs that voice really gets on my wick. Note: `Wick' comes from `Hampton Wick', cockney rhyming slang for `prick'. `Prick' is a slang term for penis, which many people find offensive.
See also: get, on, wick

dip your wick

(of a man) have sexual intercourse. vulgar slang
See also: dip, wick

get on someone's wick

annoy someone. British informal
See also: get, on, wick

get on somebody’s ˈwick

(British English, informal) annoy somebody: She’s always talking about herself — she gets on my wick.
See also: get, on, wick
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One lucky winner will land a kitchen from Wickes worth pounds 2,500.
Wickes will continue to operate under current management and focus on growth in the Southern California market, Kalb said.
Like all Manor House kitchens from Wickes, the Ascot benefits from sturdy 18mm-thick frameworks, adjustable legs and metal hinges, metalbox self- closing drawers and cam-and-dowel construction to aid assembly.
Once the line has been running for a while, Wickes plans to have only one operator monitoring the computers that control all the equipment within the cell.
Two retailers with the strongest adherence to every day low pricing (EDLP), Wickes and Wilkinson, retain the highest loyalty ratings for price.
Magistrates banned the 27-year-old from contacting Miss Wickes or going to her home.
It won't, however, offer much protection from paint spills, drips and splatters - for that you need the Wickes Double Sided Dust Sheet (PS16.
The Wickes Style Toilet (PS500, Wickes) is a well-designed close-coupled back-to-the-wall loo, but it's different from most designs, as it has soft curves instead of square lines.
WICKES has joined forces with police in north Birmingham to deliver a facelift to a 10-year-old caravan used by a charity that supports disabled children.
DIY chain Wickes have been hit with falling sales despite two big rivals going to the wall.
WICKES owner Travis Perkins picked up market share after a six per cent rise in turnover over the first nine months of this year.
The proposed tie-up, which has been backed by the board of Leicester-based BSS, will make the Wickes owner a leading player in the trade and retail distribution of plumbing and heating products.
HOMES & Holidays has teamed up with Wickes to celebrate the launch of their brand new paint range, which offers homeowners a choice of high quality paint at great value prices.
The warehouse, which is located on a 14-acre mixed use development by Hinton Properties, was pre-let to DIY operator Wickes, which has now opened its larger format store, Wickes Extra, at the site, creating around 75 jobs.