Why not?

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why not

1. Why is that not the case? What is the reason for your negative statement? A: "George has decided he's not going to join." B: "Why not?" A: "I don't like coconut." B: "Why not? Because of the texture?"
2. Yes, because there is no good reason to say no. A: "Would you like another glass of wine?" B: "Sure, why not?"
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Why not?

1. Lit. Please explain your negative answer. Mother: No, you can't. Mary: Why not? Sue: Could I have another piece of cake? Mary: No. Sue: Why not? Mary: I want it.
2. . Inf. I cannot think of a reason not to, so yes. Bob: You want to go to see a movie next Friday? Jane: Why not? Fred: Do you feel like wandering over to the bowling alley? Tom: Why not?
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ˌwhy ˈnot?

(informal) used to make a suggestion, or agree to a suggestion: ‘Why not go and see a movie?’ ‘OK.’‘Let’s go and see a movie.’ ‘OK, why not?’
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The inaugural "Why Not?? Comedy Show" was created to become a staple event in Oklahoma, kicking off the Thunder's NBA season.
Bryan Melling: "Why not? I am not vegan but the change must be for the good.
Aberdeen have no reason not to believe they can got o Celtic Park and win todayirteen games unbeaten, 35 points from 39, 11 clean sheets why not? Aberdeen have no reason not to believe they can got o Celtic Park and win today.
Why not? A line or two that celebrates the joy you felt when you
If not, why not? It's what your bladder and bowels are for, but there must have been thousands of letters in various newspapers over the years complaining about dog faeces.
Why or why not? Will you be getting the PS4 or the Xbox One?
The woman might be more romantic than the man - if they love them why not? - Frank Stanton, 60, a retired builder, from Thorntree Why not?
Wales is the biggest producer of electricity so why not? The trolleybus could shift a load.
Hell, why not? It's the spring of 2006, we haven't had the midterm elections, we don't know how things are going to work out in Iraq--anything can happen.
MOVE BACK IN WITH YOUR FOLKS: Why not? Think of all the dudes that never even move out of their parent's house in the first place.
For had I whispered "Why you?" she would have responded "Why not?"
In Why Not? (Harvard Business School Publishing), the authors Barry Nalebuff and Ian Ayres bombard us with a series of new ideas on how to put everyday activities into practice.
And they provide some solid lessons in Why Not?: How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big and Small (Harvard Business School Press; $27.50).
THE artistic Spaniards love their fancy paint jobs and why not? Look how Nissan of Spain have transformed this otherwise boring white Nissan Micra, left.