Why not?

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why not

1. Why is that not the case? What is the reason for your negative statement? A: "George has decided he's not going to join." B: "Why not?" A: "I don't like coconut." B: "Why not? Because of the texture?"
2. Yes, because there is no good reason to say no. A: "Would you like another glass of wine?" B: "Sure, why not?"
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Why not?

1. Lit. Please explain your negative answer. Mother: No, you can't. Mary: Why not? Sue: Could I have another piece of cake? Mary: No. Sue: Why not? Mary: I want it.
2. . Inf. I cannot think of a reason not to, so yes. Bob: You want to go to see a movie next Friday? Jane: Why not? Fred: Do you feel like wandering over to the bowling alley? Tom: Why not?
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ˌwhy ˈnot?

(informal) used to make a suggestion, or agree to a suggestion: ‘Why not go and see a movie?’ ‘OK.’‘Let’s go and see a movie.’ ‘OK, why not?’
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