white knuckle

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white knuckle something

to survive something threatening through strained endurance, that is to say, holding on tight. The flight from New York was terrible. We had to white knuckle the entire flight.
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Managing director Amanda Thompson said: "I know white knuckle fans will love Infusion.
RED faces and white knuckles were the order of the day when the annual Christmas Fair hit Huddersfield.
The white knuckle Hydro ride is billed as Europe's "fastest and wettest coaster".
The white knuckle Hydro ride is one of the most popular at the park and is billed as the "fastest and wettest water coaster" in Europe.
WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE: Mac Nailen and his niece Stacey Ditchburn recreate their rafting exploits in Mac's back garden Picture: WILL BINNS
A mum jammed Britain's most famous white knuckle ride - because she was too fat.
HERE'S one white knuckle ride to avoid - a 90mph DODGEM.
As a 33-year-old bloke more excited by the prospect of Drayton Manor's white knuckle rides, I have to admit to not being overly thrilled.
Director Carl Franklin's highly-polished production takes Denzel on a white knuckle ride that kept me on the edge of my seat.
IF WHITE knuckle drops, getting soaked to the skin and being thrown about at high speeds is your idea of a wonderful Whitsun weekend, then take a look at the adventure parks in the area.
Guests paying pounds 50-a-head would have enjoyed white knuckle funfair rides, a laser show, music and dancing.
Retailers face a white knuckle ride as they try to hold their nerve on prices.
The park contains 70 rides and attractions - from white knuckle thrillers to children's roundabouts and slot machines, with something for all age groups.
Her talk, entitled Red Tape And White Knuckles, will be held at the Transport Museum, in Millennium Place, on September 14 at 7.
By simultaneously estimating the influences of congestion and travel time on route choice, the resulting value of reduced congestion is purified of travel time influences, thus revealing the value of nontime factors that cause white knuckles.