Where's the fire?

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Where's the fire?

What's you're hurry? Why are you moving or doing something in such a rushed or panicked manner? Whoa, you need to slow down for a second. Where's the fire? I appreciate that you want to get things done quickly, but where's the fire? You need to prioritize precision over speed.
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Where's the fire?

Inf. Where are you going in such a hurry? (Typically said by a police officer after stopping a speeding driver.) Officer: Okay, where's the fire? Mary: Was I going a little fast? "Where's the fire?" Bob called ahead to Sue, who had gotten well ahead of him in her excitement.
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where's the fire

What's the big hurry, as in We've got to finish up.-Why, where's the fire? This phrase, generally addressed to someone in an unseemly rush (such as a speeding motorist pulled over by a police officer), alludes to firemen hurrying to put out a fire. [Slang; 1920s]
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where's the fire?

used to ask someone why they are in such a hurry or in a state of agitation. informal
1963 J. F. Straker Final Witness ‘Where's the fire, dear boy?’ he drawled. ‘Do we really have to run for it?’
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Where’s the fire?

interrog. Why are you going so fast?; What’s the hurry? Going a little fast there, weren’t you? Where’s the fire?
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