Where's the fire?

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Where's the fire?

What's you're hurry? Why are you moving or doing something in such a rushed or panicked manner? Woah, you need to slow down for a second. Where's the fire? I appreciate that you want to get things done quickly, but where's the fire? You need to prioritize precision over speed.

Where's the fire?

Inf. Where are you going in such a hurry? (Typically said by a police officer after stopping a speeding driver.) Officer: Okay, where's the fire? Mary: Was I going a little fast? "Where's the fire?" Bob called ahead to Sue, who had gotten well ahead of him in her excitement.

where's the fire

What's the big hurry, as in We've got to finish up.-Why, where's the fire? This phrase, generally addressed to someone in an unseemly rush (such as a speeding motorist pulled over by a police officer), alludes to firemen hurrying to put out a fire. [Slang; 1920s]
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where's the fire?

used to ask someone why they are in such a hurry or in a state of agitation. informal
1963 J. F. Straker Final Witness ‘Where's the fire, dear boy?’ he drawled. ‘Do we really have to run for it?’