when the dust settles

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when the dust has settled

When things have become more calm or stable; when the consequences (of something) have become known or manageable. I know things have been really hectic during this project, so let's all take a bit of a break and return to it when the dust has settled. Lots of people opposed the gay marriage legislation, but when the dust has settled, I hope they'll see that there was no reason to be afraid of it.
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when the dust settles

1. Literally, once the dust stirred up by some activity is no longer in the air. We should only start painting when the dust settles after construction is finished.
2. Once things return to normal after a period of excitement, a high level of activity, etc. I promise to take you to the park when the dust settles and work isn't so hectic.
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when the dust settles

1. Lit. when the dust falls out of the air. When the dust settles, we will have to begin sweeping it up.
2. . Fig. when things have calmed down. When the dust settles, we can start patching up all the hurt feelings.
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after/when the ˈdust settles

when all the exciting events, changes, etc. are over: When the dust finally began to settle, certain facts about the President’s resignation started to emerge.
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WHEN the dust settles it will be important nothing is done to shame the average Iraqi soldier, writes Christopher Hitchens (Daily Mirror, April 4).
When the dust settles, the mayor and the chamber need to make 'up quickly because Sudbury is more important than either of them.
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