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A tractor-trailer that has 18 wheels. Be careful changing lanes, there's an 18-wheeler coming up behind you.


n. a large trailer truck. (There are a total of eighteen wheels on the cab and trailer.) An eighteen-wheeler almost ran me off the road.


n. someone who bargains aggressively. (see also wheel and deal.) Who’s the wheeler-dealer who set up this deal?
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The Wheelers gave McEntire a cash down payment and signed a promissory note to her secured by the tangible assets of Candy Bouquet International and Jim Wheeler's life insurance.
Wheeler's parents encouraged his attraction to architecture from his early years.
Under-10: 1 Charlie Tanfield (Cleveland Wheelers); 2 Keir Parker-Main (Hetton Hawks); 3 Megan Raw (Hetton Hawks).
has leased 15,120 sf on the first floor of 476 Wheelers Farm Road for six-year term.
As of March, the Wheelers have received their $35,000 policy maximum from USAA and a payment from a personal article floater policy for a few smaller items.
"Andrew Wheeler turned his back on his responsibility to protect the health and safety of American families, just so he can bend the demands of big polluters.
Sushant Nayak of Tata Motors will be handling the Heavy Commercial Vehicles segment (E-buses, trucks); Sulajja Firodia Motwani of Kinetic Green will assist the Electric 3 Wheelers segment (E-rickshaw, L-5 auto E-Karts); Manu Sharma of Hero Electric will be spearheading Electric 2 Wheelers segment (E-cycles to high speed scooter, bikes); Pawan Sachdeva of Mahindra Electric will be responsible for the Electric 4 Wheelers segment (Car, LCV on 4 wheels) and Guruprasad Pudlapur of BOSCH will look after the Component Drive Train segment (charging infra, electrical, electronic components except battery).
India's three wheeler market is categorized into passenger carrier and load carrier three wheelers.
Under 16: Matthew Lynn (Hetton Hawks), Samantha Verrill (Marton RT), Reece Hesler, Danny Field, Megan Hopper (Cleveland Wheelers), Bethany Webb (Newcastle Phoenix).
Though the five scooters in our portfolio have been success stories, the Indian two-wheeler market is still predominantly driven by motorcycles and our sales next fiscal will be a reflection of that," Dharmendra Mishra, vice president (sales and customer care) Mahindra 2 Wheelers was quoted as saying in the Times of India.
THIS year's Holme Valley Wheelers hill climb at Woodhouse Lane in Holmbridge attracted 18 local riders and provided a great night of effort and achievement all round - writes John Cullaigh.
1 -- Mahindra Two Wheelers, a part of the US $7.1 billion Mahindra Group, has further consolidated its presence in the two wheeler segment, with record sales of 21,204 two wheelers in October 2010.
Under-12: 1 Harry Tanfield (Cleveland Wheelers), 2 Emma Thompson (Hetton Hawks), 3 Alex Hopper (Cleveland Wheelers), 4 Tom Alder (Bishop Auckland CC), 5 Ashleigh Huntsman (Cleveland Wheelers), 6 Jamie Tyreman (Stockton Wheelers).
Environmental Data Resources (EDR) recently signed a lease to relocate its corporate headquarters to a 47,500-square-foot space on the top floor of 440 Wheelers Farms Road, Milford, CT.