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A tractor-trailer that has 18 wheels. Be careful changing lanes, there's an 18-wheeler coming up behind you.


n. a large trailer truck. (There are a total of eighteen wheels on the cab and trailer.) An eighteen-wheeler almost ran me off the road.


n. someone who bargains aggressively. (see also wheel and deal.) Who’s the wheeler-dealer who set up this deal?
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has leased 15,120 sf on the first floor of 476 Wheelers Farm Road for six-year term.
Crown Corporate Campus is located along Wheelers Farm Road in the city of Milford, CT.
Another tenant at 476 Wheelers Farm Road, Matrix One, occupies 28,000 on the entire third floor.
When Susan Wheeler read the headline in her hometown paper--"Board OK's Cedar Crest Gay-Tolerance Club"--she looked toward heaven and spoke to her son.
Directed by openly gay Philly filmmaker Glenn Holsten, Jim in Bold presents the story of Wheeler through his family and friends.
Jim Wheeler saw no positive lives being lived by young queer people.
The slight blond-haired Wheeler was 18 when he came out to his family.
As of March, the Wheelers have received their $35,000 policy maximum from USAA and a payment from a personal article floater policy for a few smaller items.
Wheeler and his family had just finished a two-and-a-half year tour with a Navy helicopter squadron on Guam.
I considered it a slim chance that I would lose my things," said Wheeler, 41.
Wheeler received limited information as to what had happened.