the wheel of fortune

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the wheel of fortune

The incidental, unforeseen, or random occurrences of life. (Alludes to the wheel that the goddess Fortune was believed to spin, which determined the fate in a person's life.) There's no knowing how this whole thing will pan out—we just have to leave it up to the wheel of fortune.
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the wheel of Fortune

the wheel which the goddess Fortune is said to turn as a symbol of random luck or change.
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wheel of fortune, the

The agent of change in human affairs. The term refers to the goddess Fortune, traditionally represented with a wheel in her hand, which symbolizes inconstancy. The ancient Chinese and Babylonians referred to fortune’s ever-turning wheel, and Chaucer used it (The Knight’s Tale), “Thus can fortune hir wheel govern and gye, and out of joye bringe men to sorwe.” A popular American television quiz show of the 1980s and 1990s bore the name Wheel of Fortune.
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As its name implied, Wheel of Fortune was also a 'giveaway' program (Mittell, 2002: 320-24), offering some valuable and impressive prizes alongside more ordinary (and attainable) ones.
"Wheel of Fortune" hosts Vanna White and Pat Sajak wave goodbye to the cameras after a military families edition taping of the game show.
Other local area contestants who can be seen on "Wheel of Fortune" this week include Jessica Decker of Athol and Michael Caira of Clinton.
'With Blankety Blank and Wheel of Fortune, it's all luck.
The program aired May 6, and Williams' Wheel of Fortune windfall totaled $14,400.
Pressman Toy, whose experience with game show licenses includes Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!
The point is simple and powerful: This wheel of fortune turns and turns throughout one's life, moving one from power and privilege to weakness and penury and then back again.
As the priors entered their Sala dei Priori (now known as the Sala degli Gigli) in the early fourteenth century, they saw depicted above the entrance a wheel of fortune ("one of the earliest recorded examples of it in a public building in Italy") and read an accompanying sonnet reminding them of the pitfalls of power.
In the face of Rush Limbaugh, in the face of apathy, in the face of better cars now at an affordable $24,000, I am interrupting people's dinner, sex, "Wheel of Fortune" reruns, and simple self seclusion for a purpose.
Unless you and Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak are very good friends, you're probably going to pay a mortgage.
The "Wheel of Fortune" pays big dollars for figuring out a key phrase.
Caitlin Burke, 26, has once again become a celebrity over night after an unbelievable "Wheel of Fortune" solve from 2010 won her a Caribbean vacation and Internet stardom.
Dawn Lidford, her son Josh, 14, and her three-year-old nephew Andrew beat Santa's Wheel of Fortune at the shopping centre.
Included in the WAP/Contribution games choices are Wheel of Fortune Secret Spins, Megabucks Wild Sapphires and Star Wars Droid Hunt, as well as IGT's Centre Stage Series with games such as American Idol and Wheel of Fortune Triple Spin amongst other.