What said

what (someone else) said

What this other person has just said perfectly sums up my own feelings, beliefs, or opinions (about something). Used especially when the other person's remark is more complicated, eloquent, or detailed than one would have been able or bothered to articulate. A: "In short, we feel that the amount of work completed by our team is disproportionate to the financial compensation we currently receive for it." B: "Um, yeah, what she said." A: "I think what you're trying to describe is a nation-state in which the functions of the government are handled on a micro level by the citizens, as opposed to a bureaucratic structure run by elected officials." B: "Yes. What you said."
See also: said, what
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What someone said.

Sl. I agree with what someone just said, although I might not have been able to say it as well or so elegantly. What John said. And I agree 100 percent. What you said. That's my feeling, too.
See also: said, what
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