what (one) is made of

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what (one) is made of

One's true talent, fortitude, ability, courage, or worth, especially in the face of adversity or difficulty. No one thinks you stand a chance in this match, but you go out there and let them see what you're made of! This could be the biggest trial of my career. Time to go show what I'm made of!
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what you are made of

your true abilities or qualities.
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what somebody is ˈmade of

(informal) how somebody reacts in a difficult situation: Let’s see what he’s made of.Go out and show them what you’re made of (= show them that you are strong, intelligent, etc.)!
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For more call 09050 700 439 Leo July 23 - August 22 TAKING a tougher stand is something that's needed as you embark upon an adventure sent to show what you're made of. Or perhaps that's better put by suggesting you're showing certain individuals what you're made of.
Sam McNulty, who is running the auditions, said: "Whether you're an old hand or brand new to the music scene, you are invited to apply to show everyone what you're made of."
A beguiling album two years in the making finds her in pop-folkie mode on the likes of the delicate Butterfly Song and Hear The Blackbird but with a jazz stride in her step for the sassy Show Me What You're Made Of and January Day.
The top 10 from Liverpool HMV this week is: 1 Let Me Kiss You Morrissey 2 Living Thing The Beautiful South 3 I Believe My Heart Duncan James 4 Let Me Kiss You Nancy Sinatra 5 Riot Radio The Dead 60s 6 Somethings Going On Cliff Richard 7 Rise Of The Eagles Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster 8 Mary Scissor Sisters 9 What You're Made Of Lucie Silvas 10 21/Some Old Girl Paddingtons Win a chart album of your choice by telling me the name of Duncan James' band.
Stunning Lucie Silvas' set proved lively - the crowd loved her hit What You're Made Of.
1 (2) Eric Prydz - Call On Me 2 (1) Robbie Williams - Radio 3 (-) Duncan James & Keedie - I Believe My Heart4 (3) Rachel - More More More 5 (4) Deep Dish - Flashdance 6 (-) Rooster - Come Get Some 7 (8) Khia - My Neck My Back 8 (6) Angel City - Do You Know 9 (10) Lucie Silvas - What You're Made Of 10 (9) Ashlee Simpson - Pieces Of Me 11 (-) Morrissey - Let Me Kiss You 12 (5) Ronan Keating - I Hope You Dance 13 (9) Girls Aloud - Love Machine
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