What if...?

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what if

1. An expression used to speculate about something. What if I was able to drive you there. Would that change anything? What if aliens did exist? What would that mean for society?
2. A speculative scenario; a speculation about an outcome that cannot yet be known or ascertained. There is a possibility that we could write off some of these losses, but it's still a big what if at this point.
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What if...?

What would be the result if something were true? What if you had all the money you want? What if everyone thought you were great?
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what if...?

1 what would happen if ...?: What if the car breaks down?
2 why should I care if ...? what does it matter if ...?: ‘You’ll fail the exam if you don’t work harder, Carol.’ ‘What if I do? It’s not the end of the world.’
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